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You just made the click that will change your life forever. This is an opened portal to the best of both worlds in academic consultancy and achieving extraordinary test results. Bapex academy is the ultimate choice for all students who would like to have access to the best prep agency and further their education abroad. (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Asia, etc.) We offer the finest and most thorough of services in prepping students for GRE, IELTS, SAT and TOEFL, having only the smartest and best of teachers at our disposal. Our well trained consultants are also prepared with ready answers for all your mind boggling questions concerning education abroad. The dedication of our entire team is only surpassed by their immense desire to see you succeed.

Bapex has numerous outstanding features that has seen us towering above the rest in this field and ensuring our unbeatable success rate with our clients. At Bapex we value our clients above all else. We make sure that the reason they walked through our doors will constantly be our priority till they send that note of appreciation and a post card from their desired destination abroad. Since students learn better with better teachers, all the teachers available at Bapex hold top 1% scores in the various disciplines we offer including perfect score holders. We possess the patience and valuable experience to help you achieve competitive results on the international terrain. Our mantra as the leader in test preparation is not just mere words, but an evident testament to our records and our desire to see our clients achieve their dreams.


Bapex academy started in 2017 in Ghana when the founder realized a major gap between students who wanted to school abroad and the schools that were abroad. There was a palpable deficiency in the quality of service available to bridge this gap. Bapex academy was established to be the hallmark that will obliterate the difficulty people faced in this area especially with preparing and passing the various standardized tests required by most of the schools abroad.
Reminiscent of the dawn of every great institution, Bapex academy started with major challenges and have scaled all to date. Difficulty in acquisition of classrooms for tuition and finding competent staff were mammoth hurdles along the line. A lot disheartening moments and harsh adversities that come with establishing an institution of this capacity in the Ghanaian market persisted to drown the vision before it could even sail, but the buoyancy of the vision survived the floods of disappointments and the huge financial burden it brings. Now, Bapex is on a mission to go global with unparalleled tuition and consultancy services that will be a haven to all who seek to succeed with ease and fulfill their dream of schooling abroad.

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