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Bapex Academy is one of the best international schooling exams test prep and application-assistance service centres in West-Africa with workers all across the the west-African region. Towering above other consulting firms, Bapex Academy is diversifying its portfolio of universities at lightning speed. Why is that? Our students gain admission into august universities all over the world with excellent essays and applications.
Now, it’s your turn. Let us help. We promise to deliver unbeatable consulting services that will help you get into your preferred school.

Words from A Bapex Student

When I started applying to colleges abroad, I realised that the most important thing was to stand out. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how and most of my friends were just as clueless as I was.
I was scared and anxious because I really wanted to get into the college of my dreams but I wasn’t sure I could pull this ‘stand out’ thing off by myself.
The I discovered Bapex Academy. They were with me through the entire process of my college application. I was assigned a consultant who spoke with me, noted my interests and goals, and fished out what was unique about me. He made me see college applications as an exciting adventure. He also helped me write one of the best essays I have ever written and to be honest, I could see my uniqueness exuding out of every line.
Thanks to Bapex Academy, I scored 162 and 163 in my verbal and quantitative GRE exams. I am happy to say that I am currently studying Geophysics at Texas State University on a full scholarship.
The Bapex experience is worth every penny. Try it out my friend.

College Students Have Become Startlingly Competitive

Educational institutions are preaching about the importance of extracurricular activities and more students are buying into the idea.
From learning new languages to taking sport lessons, college-aspiring students are going over and beyond to be the ones admissions officers pick over other candidates.
The competition is stiff and you must definitely make the right decisions to stand out in your college application.
We are your bargaining chip. Talk to us.

Bapex is Here to Help

We use big data

We have worked with hundreds of students over the years and we have gotten better at helping you. By analysing the data we have collected on our clients and their scores, we have learned what works and what doesn’t. Hence, we constantly improve our services so that you get the best consulting services.

We hire only the best

Our hiring procedure is extensive and thorough.You can trust that your assigned consultant has been vetted, approved and selected from the best of the best. Our standards are high when it comes to hiring and we do not defer from it for anyone. We acknowledge that your college application is important and we will not put it in jeopardy.

Individually tailored application strategy

You are unique - we know you are. So, we get down to the nitty-gritty's of your interests, ambitions, education and experiences and draw every ounce of your uniqueness from it. Then, we craft your application weaving your uniqueness into it and building it into one that satisfies all the requirements of your preferred program. When your admission officer sees your application, trust that he will see you as the right candidate.

Quality work delivered right on time

Your time is essential. We will not delay your application process with unnecessary questions and procedures and will not compromise on the quality of work we will deliver to you.

Experience Our Unbeatable Services

Dedicated Consultants

If you think you’ve met great consultants, then you’ve not met ours yet. Our consultants are wholeheartedly interested in more than your academics; your social life matters to them too. Whenever you need help, your assigned consultant will be ready and willing to support you. Moreover, Bapex consultants always share strategies and tips they used to achieve high scores in their examinations with you. If you want to change your consultant, we’ll get right to it. You are never alone!

Unlimited Consultations

We never restrict you to a number of consulting hours or consultations sessions. Whenever you think your essay does not meet your standards, you are strongly encouraged to come back to us. We will work on your essays until it is perfect for you.

Well-informed decisions

Using data we gather from our research on schools, we will help you make well-informed decisions on the best schools for your goals and vision. We also help you select courses and scholarships that suit your interests and financial needs.

On-time delivery

We deliver your high quality essays on time because we know that when it comes to college applications, time is essential.

Unlike any other consulting firm, Bapex implements a 30% refund policy just so you can enjoy the best consulting services.