Our Services

We are dedicated to helping people school abroad and most importantly, on full scholarship. That is why we are here to help you write the perfect essay and help you build a strong application to make an unforgettable statement.

Full Essay Writeup

You are unique - we know you are. So, we get down to the nitty-gritty's of your interests, ambitions, education and experiences and draw every ounce of your uniqueness from it. Then, we craft your application weaving your uniqueness into it and building it into one that satisfies all the requirements of your preferred program. When your admission officer sees your application, trust that he will see you as the right candidate.

Complete Admission Takeover

We are with you every step of your application process. Bapex consultants will help you craft the best application that will make you stand out.

1. Holistic Personality Discovery

We start by understanding everything there is to know about you. We talk about your experiences, memories, failures, challenges, achievements and so much more. Our goals is to know all that there is to know about you.
This is going to shape your application, and we don't want to miss out on any vital details.

2. School Search / Selection

Selecting the right school for your goals is one of the most important yet challenging parts of college applications. Apart from selecting an institution that offers your preferred course, you must select a school that increases your chances of gaining admission. With our portfolio of excellent schools and your list of great institutions, we will conduct extensive research into each one of them listing them in order of best fit. We will consider every aspect ranging from financial aid for your finances to safety of the campus..

3. Timeline Management

Managing multiple college applications with their unique deadlines and requirements can be frustrating. We make it easy for you, tracking every task you need to finish and making sure you have plenty of time to spare

4. Full Essay Service

For every essay you have to write, we’ll do the work with you. We will help you pick topics, write and edit drafts, and perfect essays before you submit them. You are entitled to unlimited revisions with your consultant who will polish your essay to make you shine.

5. Full Application Review

Your college application is more than your essay and SOP. Every other part of your application is equally important so your consultant will check every aspect of your application from your CV descriptions to typos to financial aid paperwork.

6. Recommendation Letter

Who do you ask for recommendation letters, and how do you ask them to get the best letter? We'll teach you what leads to top-tier recommendation letters and form a winning strategy for getting them.

7. Interview Prep

Getting an interview appointment is great but how well you do at the interview is more important. We know that you may not have prior experience here so we stage an interview with you to get you familiar with the process of interviews. Here, you can make all the mistakes while we guide you and give you tips on how to deal with nerves, filler words, unexpected questions and ‘straight-faced’ interviewers. We'll introduce you to common interview questions and help you practice so you get comfortable.

8. Financial Aid Negotiation

You may get a financial aid offer but it may not be the best one for you. We will collate all the offers you receive and negotiate with the schools so that you get the best financial aid offer from your first-choice school.

9. Unlimited Consulting Time

We will not restrict the time you spend with your consultant or the number of times you edit your work. We believe in perfection and we do not mind if it takes a couple of visits to get your essay sounding the way it should.

School search

No need to tire yourself with exhausting search for schools. We’ve got an extensive portfolio of international schools that excel in their fields of expertise. With your goals and interests in mind, we will go through our portfolio with you, conduct an exhaustive analysis on each school and help you decide on which institution best suits your interests. If your dream school is not in our portfolio, we will start the search all over with you with our professional consultants guiding you every step of the way.
By the end of the search, we guarantee that you will find your dream school.

CV & SOP Coaching

Getting your whole life to fit on a 1paged CV or a limited-word-count SOP is frustrating, we agree. However, it is completely possible and your consultant will coach you on how to do this effectively. There will be so much space left on your sheet you will not believe you were able to pull it off.
Your consultant will revise your CV and SOP, help you craft compelling sentences to describe your experiences and make sure your ideas are coherent and understandable.