Prep Options

What Prep best suits you? (How do you prep?)

We strongly believe that you are unique. We also believe that everyone has a special way of learning which is why we our program is structured around your best learning practices. With Bapex, you choose the mode of learning that works best for you. Our program allows you to either enroll into our fixed tuition tab, design your own schedule, or study specific topics.

Prep Options

Fixed Tuition

$75.00 - $110.00
  • Full all-inclusive online sessions and 3-day intensive boot camp to meet with our well abled tutors
  • Involves reading, listening, speaking and writing sections
  • 1,000+ questions and 6 TOEFL practice tests
  • Perfect for all-inclusive TOEFL prep

Self Paced Tuition

$100.00 - $130.00
  • Complete video lessons that suite your schedules
  • A 3-day intensive boot camp to meet with our capable tutors
  • 1,000+ questions and 6 TOEFL practice tests
  • Specially made for people with unpredictable schedules
  • Convenient for anyone who is hard pressed for time for the exams

Topical Tuition

  • Comprehensive online sessions
  • 3-day intensive boot camp to meet with our competent tutors
  • 1,000+ questions and 6 TOEFL practice tests
  • Just choose a specific TOEFL section to prep in
  • Convenient for people who want an in-depth tuition in a specific section


Expert instructors

Our instructors have a wealth of knowledge in their fields and extensive experience as tutors. Serving as mentors, our teachers give you the best academic guidance and tips to excel in your exams. Courses begin with adaptive videos where teachers introduce concepts and principles and explain them to the best of your understanding. To ensure that the objective of the class has been achieved, you are required to answer questions at the end of the class. At the end of the course, you will be provided with questions that are similar to TOEFL questions. This is to help you familiarize yourself with the style of TOEFL questions and for you to learn their required answer format.

Opt to do a particular section

We have designed our program to allow you to focus on areas where you may not have acquired complete understanding. This is to ensure that your time with us is effectively and efficiently used. You are permitted to select topics that you want to study for clearer understanding if you need it.

Have fun while you learn

When we say that your journey with us is our priority, we mean it. We give you the Bapex experience which is full of exciting activities weaved into our carefully designed coursework. Our teachers are trained to foster interactive and engaging class environments that make learning fun and easy.

Compressed videos

Our learning videos are of high quality to ensure your viewing pleasure which we believe is a fundamental part of the Bapex experience.

Fixed Tuition

Our fixed tuition class is a virtual classroom where classes have fixed time periods. Lessons are delivered online at the specified time and students watch together with other virtual classmates around the globe. Comment sections are provided for students to ask questions and for teachers to respond to all enquiries. This allows you to gain knowledge from answers given in response to questions from other students. Also, it allows discussions between students and teachers.

Self-paced Tuition

Learn at your own pace. Design your schedule to fit your learning style. You have complete control! Based on the goal you set for yourself, you can choose what you want to study, where you study and how you study. You can stop, skip, and repeat any portion of the digital library we will make available to you.

Topical Tuition

Perhaps only a couple of topics still give you the shivers. We still have a package for you. With this option, you can select specific topics you may be struggling with or want to gain further understanding in. You can then join the virtual class for those topics at their scheduled times.